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Live Performance


At a very young age of 5, Ruby Loof had found her feet in the dance studio. Since then she has danced her way through multiple styles such as Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Acrobats, hip hop and Ballet. Originally from Margaret River W.A, Ruby grew up, competed, finished her final student exams and taught children with Leeuwin College of Performance. However, after extensive travelling and reconnecting with her passion for painting, she has put her dancing aside.

Returning back to the scene since living in Melbourne, Ruby has found a strong connection with the flow of contemporary and hip hop dance which she performances at Sickest House events. She also loves the excitement in acrobatics which she now teaches at Dance Arts in Kensington.

I'll eat your face up


As Ruby’s passion for art grew stronger and COVID continued to put events on hold, she started to broadened her performing with live painting. You would have most likely caught her painting on Sickest House Portal stream using a mixture of medias including tea, spray paint, acrylic paint and posca pens. Now that life is entering a new normal, she has continued performing with Sickest House and Collective Delusion. 


Ruby also loves to incorporate acting into her performance. For the majority of her primary and secondary education, she was eager to study drama and perform in school productions. Acting may not have been her first choice later on, but that cheeky theatrical behaviour is still used where it can be throughout  her other performances. Most recently however, she took on the role to act in After Dark: Grief a production with Melbourne Polytechnic.

Bargaining with the Devil room
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